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Changing the mindset of a culture is the task the U.S. Army faced in regards to sexual harassment and assault. For too long, Soldiers looked the other way when bad things happened. The Army determined they needed to achieve cultural change – from Senior leadership to the newest recruit and a comprehensive campaign was created making it abundantly clear that it was each person’s responsibility to help rid sexual harassment and assault from the Army’s ranks.

Leveraging the power of the Army Strong brand, Summit Marketing created I. A.M. STRONG – which stands for exactly what the Army wants all Soldiers to do – Intervene. Act when necessary. And Motivate oneself to prevent and protect your fellow battle buddies.

Messaging appeared on every Army base throughout the world. Materials were created for awareness, training, sponsorship of events, shows and programs. Key to the program was a training video, seen by every Soldier that dramatically tells the story of an assault and how it affects everyone throughout the platoon, not just the individuals involved.

The program is making a difference and cultural change is happening. Now, every Soldier knows it is their duty to never idly stand by when the potential for sexual harassment or an assault is present.

Agency: Summit Marketing

Thomas H. Blood
Creative Director • Writer • Producer
• Advertising & Marketing Strategist