Marketing Strategy


Teen fatalities due to roadside crashes were on the increase and the Missouri Division of Highway Transportation was looking for a more effective way to reach the teenage audience with their “Buckle Up. Arrive Alive.” messaging. Research showed that scare tactics with teens didn’t really hit home. Teens don’t look too far into the future and trying to scare them into action doesn’t always leave a lasting impression.

Instead, it was found that if you featured the things on a teen’s mind – that you may not make it to prom, or won’t make it home from school or into your yearbook, you might get their attention. TV, radio, outdoor, high school posters and AIM buddy videos all played off this messaging. The result? Teen fatalities dropped by more than 20% in a year’s time, thanks in part to this aggressive campaign.

Agency: MediaCross

Thomas H. Blood
Creative Director • Writer • Producer
• Advertising & Marketing Strategist