Marketing Strategy


For some reason, Human Resource managers had a tendency to completely overlook Army Veterans as potential sources of employment. Yet Army Veterans have many of the exact traits that HR managers seek in job candidates. They are highly trained and motivated, quick learners on the job and quite adept at working under stressful conditions. Research also showed that once reminded of the potential of Army Veterans, HR managers would be inclined to include them as potential candidates.

With all that in mind, Summit Marketing created a program for the U.S. Army named, “A Hero’s Calling” and created the theme “Answer Your Own Call of Duty. Hire an Army Veteran.” The program name resonated well with HR managers as did the theme line. The program was launched at an HR trade show. Print ads and direct mail directed attendees to the booth that featured attention-getting motion graphics and told The Hero’s Calling story.

A website was also developed where HR managers could find and locate Army Veterans with the skill sets they were seeking and interactive ads drove viewers to the site. The program received great results in a very short amount of time, generating strong website traffic and increased awareness among HR managers and helped simplify the transition process for Army Veterans.

Agency: Summit Marketing

Thomas H. Blood
Creative Director • Writer • Producer
• Advertising & Marketing Strategist